Tofu Kitchen in Johns Creek, Ga.

Can’t pronounce half the stuff on the menu, descriptions are lacking. But the staff is friendly and willing to try to tell you what something is. Try is the operative word. Language is a barrier, but that’s ok because food is universal.

I think I ordered the Korean bbq with tofu soup combo. For the soups, you have a choice of things to add in. I added chicken.

So good. So. Good.

First come all the sides for everyone to reach in from around the table. As a plate empties, another one appears. I ordered soup, so a raw egg, uncracked, comes on its own plate.

Then come the dishes. My soup arrived still boiling, as if it were still on the stove. Luckily, I knew to crack the egg and drop it into the soup to cook while it boiled in front of me. (Don’t wear a shirt you want to keep sparkling clean.)

The only thing that none of us ate (one of the guys brought them home to his Vietnamese fiancé) was the fried yellow croakers. Chaz called them bait. He fishes. A lot. He said he doesn’t eat what he uses for bait.

Overall, hell yeah, I’m going back.

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