Olive Garden: almost Italian food- the Tour of Italy

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So, I was crazy hungry and forgot to take pictures…

I’m using the stock photos from the website and will tell you if they’re accurate or not.

The Tour of Italy is my regular go-to. It comes with three items. It’s always two hits and a miss.

The Alfredo: boring, but tasty. And have the plates gotten smaller?

The chicken parm: yes. This time. Yes! So good. Tender And thick meat. You rarely get both. The cheese was melted, not burned on. There was an appropriate amount of sauce. The breading wasn’t hard and it wasn’t soggy (now I’m thinking about Goldilocks and the bears. Da Bears!)

The classic lasagna: uh. No. Not this time. You let me down. The advertising picture looks like it’s a bunch of fluffy layers and tall and happy…and it used to be. This time it looked like I was in line at my local high school’ cafeteria. It tasted ok, not great, but ok. And have the portions gotten smaller?

Service: the service was weird. We got appetizers before our drinks. And we didn’t order alcohol. A waiter (not our waiter) walked up to my brother-in-law, reaches across him, without asking, and grabbed his arm to look at his tattoo. Then proceeded to have a conversation about his own tattoos. Nobody cares, bro…especially after you’ve invaded the man’s bubble.

Olive Garden, Buford Dr, Mall of Ga, Buford, Ga

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