Viva Mexico – tacos al pastor

Viva Mexico Buford, Ga by the Wally World

I really like this place. Wifey likes it. My Cuban friend likes it. I’m the only person in the place that isn’t Hispanic (measure of how good it is). Hasn’t missed yet.

Today I had to return a car to the rental place in the same shopping center and I’m exhausted from the business trip this weekend. Too tired to cook when I get home, so, before I call my uber, I’m treating myself.

The decoration and environment are inviting and festive. The staff was friendly from the second I walked in the door. (A sharp contrast to the car rental lady next door.) The waitress arrived at my table promptly and with a smile. I asked what’s good that’s not on the menu. Language barriers what they are, she just told me how much she really loves the tacos al pastor that this cook makes. Easy. Let’s just do that.

Then the chips arrived. Warm. 👍🏻 salsa hot 👎🏻 this is their mild 🤢 I had forgotten. The only thing I can say bad about this place is that their mild salsa is too hot for my cracker ass. 😄

Then the food arrived. Three words: oh…hell…yes!

The waitress arrived seconds later to check that this is what I was expecting. I said “it looks delicious.” She replied “I know,” and walked away smiling.

I don’t do pineapple, so you’ll notice it wasted on the side in the pics.

First, the beans: cooked right, not over or under, just right- Goldilocks style.

The sauce that comes with the tacos is gooood. It’s got a kick, but it’s not nearly as hot as the salsa

I tried the first one with the sauce. Gooooooddddd. The pastor was Perfect. Perfect temp, prefectly soft, perfect flavor, even cut to perfect size pieces. The onions didn’t overwhelm and the cilantro was just the right amount. (Wifey hates cilantro, so I don’t always get to enjoy it.)

Then I tried it with just lime squeezed over the taco. Entirely different. Took the experience from a 9.8 to a 14. It caught my tastebuds by surprise.

The third taco was a dilemma. Do I do just the lime again? That was SO good. Or do I try with lime And sauce? I did lime all over and then dipped a few bites to get the flavor. Very good, but I prefer just the lime.

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