The Collegiate: double bacon cheese burger

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I haven’t eaten at the Collegiate in probably 20 years. I was really excited to go back. “Best Burger,” really? Let’s not kid ourselves. It’s good. But it’s not “Best Burger” good. Is it $7 good? Maybe in Atlanta, but this is Gainesvegas. I’m being critical, yes. But this is Burger week. Perhaps I’d be more kind if I had this st the end of Chinese food week, but not in the middle of #burgerweek.

“Fattony, would you eat it again before the next 20 years have passed?”

Absolutely. But I’d skip the fries and soda, and just get a shake.

(This one had tomato, a nice, thick slice, lettuce, and pickles)

The Collegiate Grill, off the square, Gainesville, Ga

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