Fernando’s Mexican Restaurant: buffet

465 Dacula Rd, Dacula, GA 30019

The wife has been on a diet for a couple of months. I am very supportive. I love that she feels better about herself and has more energy and is smiling more. For my part, I just try not to be an ass about food. Dinner has been a smoothie, concocted of berries and greens and greens powders and raw meal things and yogurt and etc etc. I drink it and I try not to gripe too much because I know it’s healthy for me and it does help me in a few ways and she makes it with love.

So when she said “I’m feeling tacos for dinner”

…you know I said “hell yeah.” #TacoTuesday.

Then, she said that Fernando’s has a taco buffet. She almost fell over on my way to the truck.

Now, Fernando’s is in Dacula, GA. It’s in the country. So this buffet is half southern country style food. Fried steak, gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans dripping in butter, lima beans dripping in butter, fried fish, etc etc

There was also the pasta and meatballs section. And French Fries. 😒

The other half was Tex-Mex. The pastor was great. The fajita chicken and the fajita beef were pretty good. The taquitos left a smokey taste in my mouth. The queso was abundant.

For 9$, I’d do it again.

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