Nacho Daddy: grilled shrimp street tacos

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Tuesday special…or happy hour special (but we were there after 7pm)…our waitress said both things (it was only her second Tuesday working there): street tacos went from ridiculously expensive to $5.50…or $5….our waitress said both. So I chose the shrimp. Turns out the shrimp and the filet are $7. We found out when we got the bill.

Tequila shots are buy one / get one free on tuesdays. That’s great when you gave up drinking for lent.

The tacos were really good. They were $7 good. They were not $14.50 good. One of them was really spicy. The other two not. But they were three of the same…?

I’d order them again for $7. Not 14.50.

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