Five Guys Burgers and Fries: Keto friendly-ish

Ok, so they wifey and I are trying Keto. 1. It sucks. I’m a fat man in the south. Deep-fried and breaded, put it on a bun or biscuit, pour gravy over it. That’s happy living. This week has been tough and it’s not over yet. My schedule is far from normal and “grabbing something on the way” is standard for me. Not anymore. 2. Finding something to eat is Hard on the run. Definitely can’t eat in the car anymore.

So, here we go; a burger in a bowl (no bun).

Ok, good news is, it’s five guys, so it is good regardless. Bad news, I miss my bun. Good news, not as messy. Bad news, not as full. Good news, not feeling over-full. Bad news, I was hesitant ordering toppings because I didn’t know what to expect. Good news, I can do better next time.

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