Hooters on national chicken wing day

The one at the mall of ga doesn’t know what they’re doing. Management needs to quit. On a day where 98% of your customers are going to order the all you can eat wings, you rotate the oil in the fryers. Not here. Instead, they wait until 8pm and shut down all the fryers to change the oil in all of them at once. And they stop seating people to let the kitchen catch up. No, manager, you seat people and ply them with appetizers and alcohol.

After a 55 minute wait, standing in the doorway, blocking the next crowd from putting in their names, we ventured to the bar to see if there were two seats. There were, but not together. Luckily we saw someone we knew and they had their friends scoot around so we could sit.

Another 5 to get a drink order in, another hour for the first round of wings. It’s now 2 hours and 40 minutes since we got here and I’m still waiting on my third round of wings.


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