King’s Wings: wings

Lawrenceville, Ga. New owners. Nice people.

I had the 20 pc wing combo and the wife had 10 pc boneless and mozzarella sticks.

The mozzarella sticks were standard, like you’d get anywhere. They were served at the appropriate temp but quickly cooled. The tomato sauce was cold. It wasn’t looking good.

But then the wings came. I ordered all drum sticks. $.50 extra per ten. Fair price. I got sweet & spicy and Jamaican jerk. Often, with jerk chicken, you get a very dry chicken, or at least a very dry skin. Not this time. It was fantastic, moist; a little crunch, but not so much you cut yourself eating it. Both flavors were great. I will order them again.

The wife wanted ranch flavor but not dry, and they were creatively accommodating. They offered to use the wet buffalo sauce and cover it with the ranch powder. A+ for service. She ate as many as she could and seemed happy trying.

The fries: I don’t know if they over-served is b/c we were friendly and it wasn’t as busy as it should be, or if that’s their standard quantity for a combo meal, but I look forward to finding out by ordering again in the future. The standard fries come “seasoned” with what I’m guessing is old bay. Whatever it is is delicious.

They turned it around. I will go back.

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