Corner Stop Cafe: breakfast

Good reviews. Voted ‘Best in Gwinnett’ for 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and (we looked it up while we waited on our food because the plaque wasn’t up yet) 2019.

That might make you think it would be good…

Coffee was hot. Sweet tea came in giant wide-mouthed Mason jar. Quaint-ish feel to the place.

But then the food came…

The wife ordered the chicken combo. Chicken fingers straight out of the frozen section at Walmart; pancakes soaked in so much butter that Paula Deen would cringe. She couldn’t eat it.

I had the country fried steak and eggs. I substituted biscuits and gravy for the pancakes.

The steak was hot and drowning in gravy. The gravy seemed fresh from a pre-made bag of mix. And the steak was obviously not home-made either. The plate of biscuits and gravy was room temp, possibly even a little cooler than room temp. The biscuit itself was more chewy or spongey or I can’t tell, but it sure wasn’t flakey. Truly, just unappetizing. The scrambled eggs were cooked in what I can only assume was burnt butter. Not good. I can get down with some Waffle House eggs dripping in butter, but these were just bad. The hash brown was McDonald’s-esque and also fried in either bad butter or bad oil.

Now the part about how I really feel. How in the hell did this place get best of anything?

Don’t. Don’t go. Tell your friends not to go.

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