Taco Burrito Bundt Cake Roll thing… sort of

Ok, I’m trying to make this:

Because my wife sent me this:

Now let’s see if I can do it.

I made some changes, mostly because I’m lazy. I chopped up a clove of garlic and a 1/3 of a sweet onion. I put those in the pan with some olive oil until nearly clear…ish. Then I dropped in a can of Rotel. I cheated. The meat. My pan was too small so I switched mid-stream to a bigger pan and added a (cheating) packet of taco seasoning.

Then I started and paused the YouTube video about ten times.

Problem #1: get the biggest shells and trim them down later. I’m going to have a mess.

Problem #2: overlap tooooo much. It’s ok.

Problem #3: not sure how to overcome the overcrisping.

This is what came out of the oven:

Yes, that’s extra meat. I wasn’t sure how much to use, so I did 2 lbs of 80/20.

I’ll use the leftovers…no problem 😬

And this is what came out after about ten minutes cooling (no problem with the flip, btw)

Cutting it was an adventure.

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