Greek Island Grill and Bar 2020

BT Empire and Tuna Establishments have taken back Greek Island after selling last year and they have done an impressive job bringing new life into an already fantastic restaurant.

Speaking with the proprietor tonight at day one of his soft opening, I found myself excited With him, not just For him. Some of the new things you’ll enjoy: a fresh feel and an extended business plan with some cool additions on their way, a condensed menu of the favorites and a soon-to-come pizza menu expansion, new margarita slushy machines and a machine that fresh squeezes orange juice at the bar, a new wall of wines and the same lemon potatoes that we’ve missed so much.

There’s a stage for music and comedy, a fancy pizza oven, new floors and tables and seating, and a freshened bar.
Moscow mules perfectly muddled.
We started with the garlic shrimp.
Sometimes you order the garlic whatever and you can’t taste the whatever, just garlic…for a few days after. This was not that. This was garlic to let you know the name isn’t a lie, but shrimp you can taste, and scallions and tomatoes you can taste.
So good.
I got the lamb gyro. And those potatoes…drooling just thinking about them.
So much meat.
And those potatoes. (Have you figured out that I recommend them?)
The wifey got the chicken platter. It did not disappoint.
And the chocolate cake.
Yeah, the chocolate cake…

Lawrenceville-Suwanee Rd and Satellite Blvd in Suwanee, Ga.

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