’Tis but thy starch that is my enemy:
Thou art delicious, though not an appetizer,
What is the beginning of the meal? It is not soup nor salad,
Nor dessert nor entrée. O be some other food,
belonging to the table!
What’s in a starter? That which we call chips and salsa,
By any other word would taste as good.

(If you didn’t get the pun, stop here, head directly to the library, and read Romeo and Juliet.)

Mexican places have chips and salsa. Italian places have bread and seasoning-infused olive oil. Greek Island Bar & Grill in Suwanee, Ga has pita triangles and magic sauce. Seriously. That’s what they call it. And they are correct.

Magic sauce is a tomato-based creation of Chef Nuri that has me wanting a bowl of magic sauce, two chunks of lamb kabob and a mound of lemon potatoes as my meal.

Words can describe it, but they won’t do it justice. You have to try it.

The proprietor, an eager, young entrepreneur with a bright future in the restaurant world if he stays focused, described the sauce’s origins to me as something Chef created to entertain his tastebuds. Thank you, Chef. We are grateful.

Read more about Greek Island here: https://mcguiddo.com/2020/09/09/greek-island-grill-and-bar-2020/

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