IHOP and covid.

We went for breakfast at the IHOP in Lawrenceville on Lawrenceville-Suwanee road.

They had erected dividers between the booths. Not all the booths. Just where your back is to another person. I could still see and talk to the people next to me. 🤦‍♂️

The “hostess” (and I’m being generous) couldn’t keep her mask over her nose. It stayed firmly over her mouth so that you couldn’t understand her and she couldn’t hear you (I’m blaming her mask for her lack of understanding; again, being generous).

I counted no lass that five (5; again, being generous I case you are the hostess reading this…who are we kidding…) servers with their masks below their noses, one of whom barely had her mouth covered.

The head cook in the kitchen (guessing) had his mask hanging from one ear as he shouted direction over your food to the other cooks.

I might have brought these items to the attention of the manager, but he had two buttons undone and chest hair flailing out, so I knew it would fall upon deaf ears.

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