A few days ago, I got the bagel and some chicken minis. Normally, the minis are awesome and the bagel is dry. It was the other way around. But the cup was handed to me covered in drink…on the outside. 😠

Today, same crap with the drink. Come on! If I wanted that level of service, I’d pay half the price and go to McDonald’s. The bagel was soft and fresh, but the chicken was gristly. The minis was perfect! 11-15-18

2-19-19 Buford, Ga in front of the mall. Over cooked fries. Hard chicken. Tea cup didn’t need to be wiped though.

2-20-19 Buford, Ga in front of the mall. The bagel was perfect. The chicken in the bagel was….perfect. The coke cup was covered in coke…on the outside. The chicken minis: chicken was hard but the rolls were PERFECT.