A few days ago, I got the bagel and some chicken minis. Normally, the minis are awesome and the bagel is dry. It was the other way around. But the cup was handed to me covered in drink…on the outside. 😠

Today, same crap with the drink. Come on! If I wanted that level of service, I’d pay half the price and go to McDonald’s. The bagel was soft and fresh, but the chicken was gristly. The minis was perfect! 11-15-18

2-19-19 Buford, Ga in front of the mall. Over cooked fries. Hard chicken. Tea cup didn’t need to be wiped though.

2-20-19 Buford, Ga in front of the mall. The bagel was perfect. The chicken in the bagel was….perfect. The coke cup was covered in coke…on the outside. The chicken minis: chicken was hard but the rolls were PERFECT.

3/5/19 Alpharetta, Ga. there was a line of cars wrapped around the building. It moved FAST. Nice kid took my order and in less than three minutes, I had my food in my hand. Of course, the cup was covered in sweet tea. Why is this so hard? I was excited to brag about my experience and then this. Also, no straw. !! But the food was, as usual, fantastic.

4/5/19 Buford ga. Line moved fast. Nice kid at the window. I tried the bagel with pepper jack instead of American. I like it. See my rant on American cheese…

5/15/19 Buford ga. Bagel was burnt. But the minis were on point!

5/31/19 peachtree industrial and pleasant hill in Duluth. Great people but they burned the bagel. Come on. So simple.

6/11/19 Peachtree industrial in Suwanee Georgia. Machine that runs like clockwork. The food was correct and tasty. I have noticed over the last six months or so that the chicken minis have become a little bit Minier. Not the yeast role, but the chicken itself.

8/20/19 Buford Dr in front of the mall. Since school has started back, the median age of the morning shift has risen steeply. But they still did it right. Under three minutes and there were 7 cars in front of me when I got in line.

9/20/19 Buford dr in front of the mall. This is the slowest I’ve ever seen this store move. The drive through feels like Popeyes during their sandwich craze.

I’ve taken a long while off from being critical, so: I’ve been surprised to see how, in the time of corona, in a time where you only have one spot to put food out of your building, you manage to screw it up repeatedly. And be unclean!

4/29/2020 Gainesville, Ga chocolate milkshake. The person in front of me decided to change their order multiple times after placing their order. So when they got to the window, the person standing outside the window took the persons phone in there gloved hand held it inside the window for another person to touch and scan, handed it back, took the persons credit card and handed it inside the window for another person to touch, and then handed it back. Then, when it was my turn, She did not change her glove before grabbing the top of my milkshake and handing it to me, covered in sticky on the outside of the cup. When I asked her why she did not change your glove, she looked confused and made a gesture and groaned as to indicate that she did not know or understand.

4/30/2020 Buford, Mall of Ga. over-cooked fries with zero salt.

7/8/2020 Buford Mall of Ga. twenty minutes waiting for my curbside order. Still waiting. Yeah, they’re busy, but I’m watching a whole lot of people roll through the drive through and not many move in the curbside. Prioritization is a problem here. **At 29 minutes I call. “Oh we can’t find you.” Did you f’ing look!?!

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